Since 1951, R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. has been moving the earth all over the Red River Valley. Our business has grown from a 1-man dozer operation to a major earth moving and construction services contractor. We excel at earth moving, excavation, utilities installation, and other various construction services. Family values have always been at the core of our business. Our strength comes from the wisdom and work ethic of the second generation and the innovation, adaptability, and energy from the third generation. Our employees feel like part of our extended family. We are grateful for their loyalty and commitment; their experience and hard work has been key to our success.

About RJZ

Since 1951, R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. has been moving the earth all over the Red River Valley.

Meet Our Family

Growing up in a construction focused family and working the construction field has given R. J. Zavoral & Sons the skills to be a very successful company.


R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. uses the latest in GPS and laser guidance technology to provide precision earth moving.

Mission Statement

R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc.’s purpose is to provide quality earth moving and construction services to customers in the Red River Valley, using proven construction practices and innovative technology together with hard working and dependable employees and satisfied customers, we share profitability in a safe and energized company culture that embraces family values.

Time Value of Your Money

We believe that your time has a dollar value. Our focus is to bring you faster service than our competition while maintaining the highest quality of work. We can complete your project ahead of schedule so your operations can begin on schedule.

Career Opportunities

Working at R.J. Zavoral & Sons, Inc. you will receive more than financial benefits, you will be part of a team of professionals that work together to produce high quality work.

Construction Services

Since 1951, R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. has been moving the earth all over the Red River Valley.

  1. 1
    Road and Rail Construction

    For over 30 years, road work has been the back bone of our workload. We have been building roads in Northern Minnesota and Eastern North Dakota and to date we have constructed over 800 miles of roadway. Whether we start a road from scratch, re-grade it, or just widen the road shoulder, R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. has a crew to handle it all.

    • 30 years of creating roads and ditches in Polk, Marshall, Kittson, Beltrami, Grand Forks, Pennington, Roseau, Red Lake, and Clay counties; and for MNDOT and NDDOT.

    Satisfied customers: BNSF, MarKit County Grain, Columbia Grain, and Alton Grain Terminal.

  2. 2
    Asphalt Paving

    Our expert crews operate top-of-the-line equipment to deliver projects on time and on budget. Whether it’s main line construction on a highway or major repairs to a parking lot or driveway, the all-new Paving Division of R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. is on the job. Same goes for the smaller projects like crack repair, seal coating, and resurfacing.

  3. 3
    Site Work and Land Development

    Every building needs a great foundation and R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. can provide your business with the expertise and proven experience needed to develop your building site. Digging foundations, prepping parking lots, and backfilling buildings are just a few ways we can prepare your site.

    • Digi Key, Red River Biorefinery, Campus Crest – The Grove, Choice Health and Fitness Center, Minnkota Power Headquarters, North Valley Health Center – Warren, Reynolds United Co-Op – Buxton Fertilizer Plant
    • Satisfied Customers Grand Sky- America’s 1st UAS Business and Aviation Park – GFAFB, Walmart – Grand Forks and Crookston
  4. 4
    Underground Utilities

    Some of our greatest work can’t be seen with the naked eye. Using the latest technology, our underground utility division has been satisfying customers for over a decade. We have an experienced certified pipe crew that can install your underground utilities in a safe and productive manner.

    • Deacon’s Development, Red River Recreation Area in East Grand Forks, Kings View Addition, Johnson Farms subdivision, Waters Edge Addition, and Peabody Addition
  5. 5
    Emergency and Permanent Flood Mitigation

    Our business has been fighting floods for 65 years. We have the knowledge, the experience, and the expertise to help communities and homeowners to defend against natural disasters in the valley. Our expertise does not stop once the water recedes. Our company will work with you to the end, to ensure your needs are met. R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. has worked with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in every construction aspect when preparing temporary or permanent flood mitigation in the Red River Valley. As both a prime contractor and a subcontractor, we have met the standards required by the USACE. The USACE is not the only satisfied customer, we have worked on several major flood protection projects along the Red River and its basin, such as:

    • Emergency flood protection: Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, Caviler, Roseau, Fargo/Moorhead, Grafton, Hendrum, Perley, Jamestown, Bismarck, Minot, Burlington, and Oakport
    • Permanent flood protection: Grand Forks/East Grand Forks, Fargo, Hendrum Perley, Oakport, Roseau, Renwick Dam Rehab
  6. 6
    Environmental Sites – Industrial and Public Wastewater, Landfills

    For over two decades now, we have been constructing and closing cells for solid waste landfills and wastewater ponds. The staff at R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. is trained in hazardous waste operations and has environmental engineering experience that relates to landfill waste operations.

    • Ashtabula Wind Farm, Polk County Landfill, Kittson County Landfill, Nuverra Landfill – Watford city, Grand Forks Landfill, Simplot PSD Lagoon, and Horizon Shores Pond – Moorhead
  7. 7
    Aggregate Crushing

    Whether your project requires sand, gravel, screened rock, limestone, or other materials, R.J. Zavoral & Sons can produce for you a top-of-the-line selection of crushed aggregate products. With the ability to move our operation right to your job site, we can literally deliver onsite as needed.

  8. 8
    Construction Materials

    R.J. Zavoral and Sons, Inc. sells and delivers the following construction materials:

    • Black Dirt
    • Clay
    • Crushed Concrete
    • New and Used Culverts
    • Culvert Flapgates and Aprons
    • Riprap
    • Spent Lime used for fields
    • Lime Rock used for Parking lots and frost boils

    To inquire about these materials and their prices please visit our contact page

Signature Projects



Why Hire Us?


Our strengths are working precisely and promptly on projects while having a positive working relationship with our customers.


From our construction family to yours, our core values represent how we treat one another, treat our customers, and hold ourselves accountable.


Since 1951, our pursuit of excellence has gained us invaluable experience that we use to ensure your project is a success.

Why Work For Us?


We are a construction family that conveys its beliefs through their Mission Statement and models it to every job site and customer.


As part of our construction family, we will help you develop your natural talents and provide opportunities to advance, allowing you to excel within the business.


Working at R.J. Zavoral & Sons, Inc. you will receive more than financial benefits, you will be part of a team of professionals that work together to produce high quality work.